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BHUTAN · Impact Evaluation of Local Governance Support Programme · 2012

oiko foto bhutanclimatechangeThe LGSP aims to enhance local democratic governance and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pro-poor infrastructure and service delivery including Climate Change Adaptation in small municipalities. The process of strengthening local governance has gained momentum including significant progress on fiscal decentralization with the introduction of Annual Capital Grants (ACG) to all Gewogs through a block grant mechanism.

Project Objectives

Financial Assessment and Impact Evaluation of Funds for United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) LOCAL in support in decentralization and local governance through Local Governance support Program (LGSP) in Bhutan and ongoing Joint Support Program (JSP) on capacity development for mainstreaming Environment, Climate Change and Poverty (ECP). Support the component on climate change adaptation at local levels by identifying opportunities to strengthen and build on the existing local governance platform supported through the LGSP to improve public service delivery among the poor countries.


  • Reviewed fiscal transfer program progress and recommended on perspectives for the future long term expenditures and revenues for disaster preparedness in rural vulnerable areas to climate change.
  • Assessed progress towards the achievement of the results as established in the decentralization Fiscal framework Program.


  • Impact in progress evaluation.
  • Adaptation to Climate Change.
  • Poverty assessment.
  • Financial and Institutional assessment.


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