oikologica logo "OIKO LOGICA is committed to helping communities and governments in vulnerable countries to prepare, face, integrate, comprehend, assimilate and absorb the challenge of climate change and sustainable development."

At OIKO LOGICA we work to achieve sustainable development of human life on our finite planet. We focus on the desirable future state for human societies where the living conditions and resources on Earth are logically and rationally balanced in time and space.
OIKO is the ancient Greek word for habitat, meaning “the household”. Its socio-economic relationship with environment is referred to as livelihood. OIKO LOGICA was founded to respond with logic to the increasing concerns threatening our habitat: inefficiency, scarcity and vulnerability. We work to balance the carrying capacity of natural systems and their challenges, considering the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development.
With this idea in mind, we have provided consistent consulting services worldwide for over a decade to improve the relationship between vulnerable livelihoods, natural resources and food security. For this, we have formulated national poverty alleviation and reduction strategies and implemented rural and urban sustainable development projects, as well as mainstreaming adaptation strategies to prevent the impacts of climate change. Furthermore, we have also designed mitigation options to reduce the causes of climate change, facilitating and enabling access to renewable energies to poor rural or conservation agriculture. Our work can be seen in several continents:

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