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MICROFINANCE AND MICROCREDIT SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FUND · Impact Evaluation of Microcredit Multinational Trust Fund for Social Protection · 2007 to 2009

oiko foto microcreditfundCountries involved in the Microcredit Fund project include Honduras, Ecuador, Egypt and Morocco.

The Microcredit Fund for Basic Socio-Economic Development Projects (FCM) is a development instrument created to foster micro finance in developing countries to reduce poverty. With almost a million euros (800,000,000€) disbursed in the last decade, the FCM has been influential in more than 50 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and several countries in Europe.

The Ministry of External Affairs of The Spanish Government, through the National Dictorate for Economic Policies (DGPOLDE) requested an external evaluation of the Social Microfinance Trust Fund program to provide inputs and recommendations to guide the challenging policy reforms to address FCM effectiveness for poverty reduction policies. The impact evaluation was prepared on the basis of extensive discussion between the Consultative Group of the Spanish FCM Fund, the Policy Advisory Group of the Ministry and a large number of other leaders in the microfinance sector through vision statements of the microfinance industry and other mechanisms.

The assessment covered fieldwork to collect information directly from beneficiaries through surveys (quantitative and qualitative information) in Egypt, Morocco, Ecuador and Honduras.

OIKO LOGICA helped define the new role of microfinance in the Spanish Cooperation agenda and discussed some key challenges of expanding financial services to the poor on a much larger and sustainable scale. The conclusions proposed alternative ways in which the AECID individually, as well as collectively with other donors, can best promote the development of financial services to the poor.


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