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NAMIBIA · Technical assistance in the formulation of an Action Fiche and Technical and Administrative Provisions (TAPs) for the 'Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Project', including energy · 2012

Toiko foto namibiaclimatehe project consists of two components, namely climate change adaptation and promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency, which is a way of mitigating Climate Change. Both components are to be implemented in rural areas.

Through a call for proposals, several actions to address the vulnerability of the rural population to the adverse impacts of climate change are foreseen. It is expected that locally-owned solutions for climate change adaptation, and mitigation where applicable, will be developed, tested and disseminated.

The project should be clearly linked to the Namibian Policies. Consultations with stakeholders, including development partners, need to ensure that no duplication of action will be created. As much as possible, actions should build on ongoing activities and initiatives.

The project envisages an increased access to renewable energy in rural areas, as well as the development and dissemination of (innovative) energy efficiency technologies/practices. Despite its huge potential, Namibia is lagging behind in the development and implementation of renewable energy generation at both the household and national level. Therefore, current deficiencies in the enabling environment limiting renewable energy promotion should be determined.

As the project entails two components, the creation of two different lots under the same call is foreseen. Furthermore, small organisations should be able to participate in the project, therefore the option of including micro-projects should be considered. The background of the capacity of the EUD to manage the project should also be taken into account.


The overall objective of the assignment is to design a project which will allow non-state actors, local authorities and parastatals to address issues of climate change adaptation and mitigation, including energy.


The specific objectives of the assignment are:
1. To develop the action fiche for the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Project, including energy (in compliance with the relevant EC format):

  • Creating clear linkage to Namibian policies
  • Analysis of the relationship between climate change and energy poverty
  • Identification of possible interventions
  • Determine current deficiencies in the enabling environment limiting renewable energy promotion
  • Determine the different themes/lots and the funding level thereof, ensuring a diverse portfolio of projects manageable by the EUD
  • Determine the possibility of a micro- project within the call for proposals
  • Identification of the target group/beneficiaries and the possible constraints in implementing actions under this project.
  • Analysis of the sustainability of the actions

2. To develop the TAPs for the project (in compliance with the relevant EC format), including the following annexes:

  • Detailed budget
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation plan

To develop the 'Guidelines for grant applicants' (in compliance with the relevant EC format), the following key issue will need particular attention in the formulation phase:

Mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues such as environment, gender, people with disabilities, HIV/AIDS and children's rights should receive special attention during the formulation and implementation phases of the project.


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