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BHUTAN · Formulation of Budget Support Programme to the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy · 2011

oiko foto bhutanclimatechangeThe objective of the technical assistance assignment conducted by OIKO LOGICA in partnership with MWH was to support the formulation process for Global Climate Change Alliance for the Royal Government of Bhutan.

Analysis of the requirements to support the adaptation to climate changes, potential impacts, review the current areas of cooperation and the interventions of other donor partners.

Formulated a programme aimed at climate change mainstreaming into and adaptation of the Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) Sector under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. The programme supports the rendering renewable natural resources sector policy and strategy appropriate and resilient to climate change.


  • To collect and analyse information (e.g. risk and vulnerability assessments of the RNR sector; institutional and capacity needs assessments of the natural resources sector).
  • To conduct a dialogue with the concerned government agencies and development partners to ensure the programme is well embedded into the existing set-up and agreed to by all relevant parties.
  • Assess the risk and vulnerability of the sector programme to climate change and the current status of its integration in different sector strategies.
  • An assessment and detailed documentation of the funding situation (planned budget, budget execution under 10th FYP, funding gaps, current and prospected absorption capacity) of the RNR sector/Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

Technical Actions Proposed

  • Enhance sustainable rural livelihoods through improved agricultural and livestock diversification, adaptation, productivity and commercialisation.
  • Conserve and promote sustainable utilisation of forest and water resources, arable agriculture and pasture land.
  • Inventory and analysis of greenhouse emissions by industry sector.
  • Creating incentives for forest protection.
  • Analyze the impact of Deforestation Policies
  • Forestry inventory GIS mapping
  • Land use change / deforestation
  • Disaster risk reduction management strategy
  • Landslide management flood prevention


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