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HONDURAS · Impact Evaluation of the National Poverty Reduction and Local Development Programme · 2010

oiko foto honduraspovertyFinal Evaluation of the Inter-American development Bank project “Poverty Reduction” and “Local Development Programme” (Phase II/ 1478 SF-HO)/PRODDEL in Honduras.

OIKO LOGICA assisted the Ministry of Governance and Justice (Interior) in the evaluation of the decentralisation and local development (PRODDEL) support Programme.

The evaluation followed the OECD DAC criteria for the evaluation of development programmes: effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, impact and sustainability.

Together with the evaluation, OIKO LOGICA provided policy advice in the formulation of an extension programme. At the municipal level, the evaluation embarked upon four different projects that aimed at strengthening the technical capacity of municipal governments in the urban and rural areas in partnership with SIDA in five municipalities chosen as pilot areas. The pilot programme made a significant contribution to strengthening local capacities, improving fiscal and administrative management and promoting governance and transparency.


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