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MACEDONIA · Capacity Building for Aid Coordination · 2008

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The objective of the assignment conducted by OIKO LOGICA for the UNDP assignment was to complete an impact assessment of the UNDP Aid Effectiveness and Coordination Project in Macedonia.

The evaluation provided insight into the international principles deriving from the Paris Declaration: ownership, alignment, harmonisation, managing for results, mutual responsibility and accountability.


  • Provided information about the overall progress, relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the UNDP. Capacity Building for Aid Coordination project.
  • Provided an assessment of the progress in achieving expected outputs project in line with the established National System for Coordination of Foreign Assistance.
  • Presented a strategic focus of the existing donor coordination system and its relevance to country priorities.
  • Provided an assessment of the effectiveness of the established structures for donor coordination.

  • Provided an assessment of the execution modalities/mechanisms for donor coordination in the country.

  • Provided an assessment of the donor coordination network in the government structures in general and those supported by the project.

  • Provided an assessment of the effectiveness of the Central Donor Database and their link with similar databases.


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