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BOLIVIA · Identification and Assessment of Cluster and Consortia Agreement for Local Agriculture Development · 2006

oiko foto boliviaagricultureThe assignment, under the EU Trade strengthening project in Bolivia which was led by ACE international consultants, provided a system-wide assessment of agricultural supply chains. The objective was to collect and compare risk factors and response opportunities involving the broad range of stakeholders and strategic supply chain participants, including private and public sector support service providers and the broader enabling environment (e.g. macroeconomic, trade and regulatory policies).

The supply chain risk assessments provided valuable information including:

  • Sub-sector/value chain competitiveness and strategy development processes.
  • An input into the identification/formulation of investment/capacity building projects related to agricultural commercialisation, rural finance, export promotion and others.
  • As an input into sectorial policy/regulatory reform.

Through participatory processes such as workshops with stakeholders, mapping different steps of supply chain actors and identifying optimal arrangements and agreements to improve competitiveness.

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