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Sustainable Development

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Climate change is an inevitable and urgent global challenge with long-term implications for the sustainable development of all countries. For many of these, a warming climatic system is expected to impact the availability of basic necessities such as fresh water, food security and energy, while efforts to readdress climate change, both through adaptation and mitigation, will similarly inform and shape the global development agenda.
The link between climate change and sustainable development is strong. While climate change knows no boundaries, poor and developing countries will be among those most adversely affected and least able to cope with the anticipated changes to their social, economic and natural systems.
OIKO LOGICA works closely with governments, the private sector and civil society groups to analyse these links and to design and strengthen programmes to ensure economic growth, poverty reduction and rural livelihoods taking into account sustainable development. Our approach focuses on the developing capacity of stakeholders, such as small business, cooperatives, trade unions and other key groups to shape their future and improve livelihoods.


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2010 · ECUADOR · National Strategy for Economic and Sustainable Development
2009 · St. LUCIA · Action Plan for the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry and Fisheries
2008 · AL-DIAGNOS · Impact Assessment, Evaluation and Country Diagnosis
2006 · BOLIVIA · Cluster and Consortia Agreement for Local Agriculture Development
2005 · COSTA RICA · Strategy for the Sustainable Development of the Brunca Region

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