Our consulting division provides technical advice to international organizations, private sector and Governments on how to use scientific data and applied technological tools to make reasonable and informed decisions about sustainability in their policies, projects, portfolios and assets resilience exposed to a changing climate.

Science & Technology

OIKO integrates and applies scientific data and information technologies to facilitate access to all users up to the last mile to make informed and rational decisions under an ever-changing climate and environment.

We focus on the analysis of essential climate variables based on Earth observation & satellite space data, combined with weather stations to monitor the climate and uncover changing patterns of earth, forest, flooding areas, sea level rise or critical infrastructure.

Climate Finance

With extensive international expertise in finance and policy advice to governments and international organizations, OIKO counsels governments, businesses, and financial institutions how to conduct economic growth while addressing climate change. Our climate finance team works to advice on low carbon, resilient investment at scale. OIKO advise government and private sector on the alternative environmentally responsible methods for sustainable natural resources use, analysing how best to budget the impacts of climate change and presenting efficient options and approaches to climate adaptation.

Climate Vulnerable Governments acknowledge the urge to formulate policies to respond to the potential effects of climate change; that are affordable and integrated into their national Public Investment Plans and Public Expenditure Frameworks. OIKO works with Governments to analyse costs and support alternative access funding options. We analyze the public investment plans, review ministerial expenditures and relate to potential costs of climate impacts, to help integrate climate finance into national or state budgets, and give advice on the most effective ways of using these budgets. OIKO supports governments in balancing public and private finance for climate actions and accessing national and international climate funds.

Climate Risk

OIKO has first-hand experience as direct witness of a striking increase in the number and severity of natural disasters. OIKO has developed an extensive experience with major international organizations in the design, review, and implementation of effective policies and actions for reducing and managing climate variability disaster risk.

OIKO has been an active leader to this challenge by designing, implementing, and evaluating policies and strategies that provide for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery, and helping governments understand and implement risk financing measures. Our projects focus on diverse areas including flood management, vulnerability assessment, early warning, emergency cash-transfers, and disaster insurance.

Media & Communication

OIKO believes that good communication plays the pivotal role in sustainable development and climate change. We apply insights from the social, ecological and economic sciences to help our clients and society make informed decisions that will stabilize the earth’s life-sustaining climate and prevent further harm from climate change.

Except for a small scientific community, the population of the planet does not have wide and unbiased access to climate information. The few who have access to the climate and weather information cannot always understand it. The select group of people who have access and understand it, doesn´t always have confidence in the sources. In addition, the exclusive and fortunate group with access, full understanding, and trusts, does not always know how to make good use of it to help those who need it. And finally, those few who have access to information, understand it, trust sources, and have the necessary knowledge to make appropriate and rational decisions, do not always have the resources to act.

OIKO helps with incisive and adapted awareness campaigns to eliminate the barriers to action on climate change, building a bridge between technical research and real-world decision-making.