Oiko Logica in the Mediterranean with UNEP

By Miguel Trillo

The Mediterranean Sea region has become a climate change hotspot, meaning that it will suffer multiple stresses and systemic failures due to climate changes. That’s what emerged from the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) released in 2013. It estimated an increase in surface mean air temperature of 2-4oC, 10-20% decreases in mean annual precipitation, increased risk of desertification, soil degradation, changes in species composition, etc., thus foreseeing serious losses on agricultural and forests production.

As a response, “The Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean” (Barcelona Convention) released the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Framework (RCCAF) at the 19th Meeting of the Contracting Parties in February 2016, urging for action.

Under this framework, the project aims to support UNEP/MAP in the preparation of the project document for the project ‘Enhancing regional climate change adaptation in the Mediterranean Marine and Coastal Areas’, funded by the GEF-Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF).

OIKO LOGICA is extremely pleased to be supporting UNEP/MAP in this important project. In fact, our work will provide a great help to the Mediterranean Regions in facing the challenges of climate change adaptation, especially in the marine and coastal environment.