Oiko proudly works again for the outstanding Kingdom of Lesotho

By Miguel Trillo

In OIKO LOGICA we are proud of our extensive and unique experience in Lesotho, since 2010 we have been working and supporting this outstanding landlocked country, with such particular needs and features.

Lesotho is a kingdom, dominated by traditional chiefdoms. For more than two consecutive years, the Government of Lesotho has declared emergency on food, due to El Niño induced drought, which impacted on agriculture production and food security. OIKO LOGICA will contribute to reduce the pressure of resources through a field evaluation of the project “Improving living conditions and position of the Lesotho smallholder farmers in society through lobbying and advocacy and capacity building”. The project is implemented by Rural Self-help Development Association(RSDA) in partnership with Denmark Lesotho Network (DLN).

The purpose of the external evaluation is to assess the effectiveness, relevance, performance and overall potential sustainability of RSDA actions to reduce poverty and malnutrition and to provide a set of recommendations to steer implementation towards the expected result.