Oiko with UNIDO in Costa Rica

By Miguel Trillo

Since 2015, OIKO LOGICA has been awarded a membership in the UNIDO Climate Technology Center & Network. In 2017 we have been awarded the UNIDO/CTCN – “Designing a Standard Protocol to mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in local government Land Use Plans in Costa Rica”.

In consortium with Ecoplan, a local consulting firm specialized in Land Management Plans, Coastal Regulatory Plans and Management Plans.

A multi-disciplinary team of 8 experts is providing technical assistance to Secretaría Técnica Nacional Ambiental (SETENA), to create a standard operational Protocol to mainstream climate change into municipal strategic planning documents. The Protocol will guide the inclusion of climate change adaptation measures into land use planning through a participative process with the institutions, the academic community and other relevant stakeholders. The expected outcome is Technical Operational Guideline and a GIS software decision making tool to effectively enable the local institutions to introduce the environmental variable in land use plans.