Spatial Analysis & Earth Observation

Our Earth Observation team provides advise to Governments and private clients and partners of climate-sensitive sectors on innovative and practical solutions based on Earth science data and knowledge. OIKO supports application projects that foster use of earth observations from satellites and ground-based measurements.

We partner with research and academic institutions, meteorological agencies and software developers around the world to analyze and interpret remotely-sensed products and in-situ measurements, to ensure partners have access to the most reliable and relevant information in appropriate formats that are compatible with their decision-making and planning operations.

We focus on monitoring and analyzing satellite-derived and ground-based estimates of vegetation, precipitation, surface temperature, water bodies, atmospheric dust, land cover and evapotranspiration.

Our services and products have been integrated into operational early-warning systems for municipal strategic planning, public health, disaster management, agriculture and food security.

The Earth Observation Applications Group also provides international and U.S.-based trainings on how to use its innovative products for decision making and planning. Past clients include the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Health Organization as well as the ministries of health, agriculture and national meteorological agencies of more than ten countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. We support graduate students in Columbia University’s Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering.


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Radiosonde attached to a Weather Balloon

Weather balloon released

Aereal view from the Antartica