The Global Climate Change Alliance +

By Miguel Trillo

In April, OIKO LOGICA will be working in partnership with AECOM Europe in a new project to formulate a new Climate Change Program. The GCCA+ will foster policy dialogue with vulnerable countries and exchange of experiences in the context of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The new GCCA+ will provide vulnerable countries in Africa, Asia, The Caribbean and Pacific, primarily Island States, technical and financial support to climate vulnerable developing countries and regions.

The GCCA+ will concentrate on the integration of climate change and disaster risk reduction into development planning processes at different levels, including budgeting and monitoring systems.

We are proud to contribute to climate solutions in priority areas in the fields of community resilience to climate change, climate finance, adaptation and mitigation synergies, ecosystem-based adaptation, gender issues, urban development, climate-induced migration and more, as these topics become increasingly significant for development and policy agendas.