Unleashing Bioeconomy Potential in Paraguay

By Eugenia Lagutkina

OIKO, as part of a World Bank technical team, presented the results of a bioeconomy analysis in Paraguay.  

On November 15th, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in collaboration with the World Bank presented the results of the National Bioeconomy Diagnosis of Paraguay. This initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness and improve diversification of Paraguayan agro-industries by fostering innovation and added value within priority value chains: biopharmaceuticals, organic meat, petitgrain for cosmetics, and bio-packaging. 

OIKO team coordinated the research and analysis. During a workshop attended by over 70 representatives, Miguel Trillo presented the findings on various bioeconomy sectors, potential supply chains, and innovative products suitable for Paraguay. 

Bioeconomy is an approach that utilizes renewable biological resources to produce goods and services with a high degree of innovation and added value. Collaborative efforts among the public, private sector, and academia are crucial for implementing the principles and practices of the bioeconomy and fostering its sustainable development within the country’s economy.