Oiko in the National Center for Environmental Technology in Peru

By Miguel Trillo

A team of experts from OIKO LOGICA has completed an evaluation of the National Center for Environmental Technologies (Centro de Tecnología Ambiental de Perú). The German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) has sent our consortium ECI-OIKOLOGICA to complete an assessment of the different support programs in Latin America coordinated by the Regional Fund for South-South Cooperation.

The National Center for Environmental Technology is a leader in the science of human health and ecological risk assessment, a process used to determine how pollutants or other stressors may impact human health and the environment.

The center occupies a critical position generating new findings and data and the regulators in Environmental Protection programs and regional offices who must make regulatory, enforcement, and remedial action decisions.

CTA addresses the needs of stakeholders by preparing technical reports and assessments that integrate and evaluate the most up-to-date research. These products serve as a major component of the scientific foundation supporting regulations and policies. CTA also conducts cutting-edge research to develop innovative quantitative risk assessment methods and tools that help extrapolate between experimental data and real-world scenarios, improve our understanding of uncertainties, and facilitate careful weighing of evidence.