Development of a methodology to create climate-smart communes in Togo and formulate 4 mitigation and adaptation action plans

The purpose is to provide Togo with a conceptual framework for the development of climate-smart communes in close cooperation with all stakeholders. This methodology will be applied in order to develop climate change adaptation and mitigation plans, that are defined on the basis of 10 selected communes that represent Togo’s climate diversity. Out of this 10, the created methodology will be applied to 4 communes that will receive plans specific to their context and as a result of the technical assistance provided. This plans will take into account key economic sectors such as transport, energy, agriculture and waste. In addition, the objective of this project is also to create a convergence cluster through its interventions in order to guarantee the achievement of sustainable development objectives in the 4 communes.

The Expected Outcomes

  • Development of communication documents
  • Vulnerability assessment of ten targeted urban communes (these communes will be selected beforehand by Togo)
  • Establishing a conceptual framework for “climate smart” Communes in close cooperation with all stakeholders.
  • Formulation of an action plan for adaptation and mitigation to the effects of climate change is developed ́ for each of the four selected communes.
  • Final adaptation and mitigation plans and formulation of a concept note.
  • Carrying out awareness campaign

The Actions

The main activities covered by the technical assistance are:

  • Development of a conceptual framework for “climate-smart” Communes in close cooperation with all stakeholders
  • Creation of a vulnerability assessment of the ten targeted urban communes
  • Elaboration of a model for the transformation of four communes into Climate Smart Communes integrating energy, mobility, waste, vegetation cover and agricultural transformation to improve the resilience of communities and ecosystems




2021 · 2022


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