Strengthening capacities for communal development and climate action plans in Togo

By Carmencita Rois Mendoza

As part of the project “Technical Assistance for the development of a methodology to create climate-smart communes in Togo and formulate 4 mitigation and adaptation action plans”, we are developing in alliance with Jeunes Verts and Climate Analytics, we have conducted a capacity building workshop for the representatives of 10 communes. The main goal of the workshop is to strengthen the capacities of the executives (technicians and planners), on the themes and methodological approaches necessary for a better consideration of climate change in the processes of communal development and development of climate action plans at the communal level.

The first day was led by Climate Analytics, who, through their experts, presented the methodology for the creation of vulnerability matrices to climate change and the socio-economic profiles of the communes: Commune Lacs 1, Communeyoto 2, Commune Agou 1, Commune Kloto 1, Commune Tchaoudjo 4, Commune Mô 1-Djarkpanga, Commune dankpen II, Commune Keran 1, Commune de l’Oti-sud 1 and Commune de kpendjal 1, all of them in located in different regions of Togo.

This Technical Assistance seeks to develop climate change adaptation and mitigation plans for these communes, specific to their context. For that, our team of experts have developed a conceptual framework for climate-smart communes with all the stakeholders and have created vulnerability assessments. The integration of digital climate information delivery services into the definition of climate-smart villages and the elaboration of a model of transformation for the communes to improve their resilience, are also part of the main goals of the assignment.