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Adele Antoni

Climate Analyst & Jr. Project Manager

Ms. Antoni is a Climate Analyst and Junior Project Manager; she has experience in sustainable development and climate change. At OIKO, she is part of the Asia Department where she is assisting countries to build their national capacities, secure accreditation to international funds, design and develop project concepts.

As a Junior Project she is currently managing three projects of OIKO’s portfolio within the EU4Environemnt Program in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe.

Her duties and responsibilities are:

  • Liaise with Team Members and Project Steering Committee;
  • Check that the projects are progressing according to the forecast implementation and work plan as well as disbursement schedule (and arrange for follow-up if appropriate);
  • Providing support for handling invoices, bookkeeping, updating the budget monitoring procedures and preparing the invoices;
  • Handling the tasks for the contracts’ preparation;
  • Providing support in report preparation, ensuring that the reports are coherent, following the agreed format, that language is appropriate and that they are delivered timely and adequately to the client.

Graduated with the highest marks at the University of Florence in the master’s course of Political Science and International Relations; she discussed her dissertation on the EU’s Climate Policies and Nationally Determined Contribution, reporting the success and the weaknesses in the European strategy towards the Sustainable Development. At a climate analyst at OIKO, she undertakes research, conduct stakeholder consultation and drafting reports on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. She is native Italian speaker, and fully fluent in English and Spanish.