Workshops for the dairy chain in Cameroon

By Carmencita Rois Mendoza

At the end of the year we held a training workshop for Cameroonian milk producers, collectors, transporters and processors, as part of the project “Support the implementation of an integrated Water-Energy-Livestock project for the Dairy Value Chain in the municipalities of Petté and Wina”. This workshop is the result of a diagnosis, recognition and mapping of the main actors involved, directly and indirectly, in the dairy value chain of these two communities in northern Cameroon.

The workshop, in addition to presenting good and best practices for the collection and preservation of fresh milk, aimed to propose the main actions and milestones, as well as the objectives for 2023. The main objectives include: (1) provision of a building by the municipality of Petté, to host the first pilot milk storage, (2) delivery and installation of the first refrigerated milk storage unit in Petté, with solar energy, and (3) sensitization of stakeholders for the implementation of the unit and the constitution of the management team and consultation framework.