Eyes in the sky · Drones are changing agriculture

By Eugenia Lagutkina


Development of a sector-specific curriculum for participatory UAS mapping & geospatial analysis training courses, and design of policy and operations manuals in Grenada and Guyana.


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


GISCAD Limited, OpenPlan

This week, the OIKO team, along with our partners at GISCAD Limited and OpenPlan, is kicking off a series of regional trainings aimed at enhancing drone operation capabilities in Grenada and Guyana.

The initiative to use drones for crop monitoring which supports disaster response and risk reduction in the agricultural sector is led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Obtaining time-critical and reliable data is becoming increasingly important for the agricultural sector in Grenada and Guyana as these countries are facing the growing impacts of climate change. In recent years, this has become evident through the growing occurrence of severe weather events, including hurricanes, tropical storms, droughts, and floods.

The trainings are attended by representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture of both countries. During the training modules, participants will get a comprehensive understanding of how to operate and utilize drones, as well as opportunities to jointly develop ideas and projects for the region.